Steering Wheel Bolt Patterns Explained

There are many brands of aftermarket steering wheels, steering wheel hubs, quick releases, and associated accessories. Many brands are compatible with one another, and generally, hubs, quick releases and steering wheels which share the same bolt pattern can work together.

Bolt pattern, also referred to as Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle which passes through the center of all the holes of the steering wheel. Use the guide below to learn what bolt pattern each brand uses, to find out what parts can be used together.

Grant 3 Bolt Steering Wheel Bolt Pattern

Grant 5 Bolt Steering Wheel Bolt Pattern

Circuit Performance, NRG, OMP, Sparco, MOMO & Grip Royal Steering Wheel Bolt Pattern

Nardi & Personal Steering WHeel Bolt Pattern

Grant 6 Bolt Steering Wheel Bolt Pattern

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